These hand-crafted hammered copper custom letters are made from high quality 14 gauge copper. Each letter features a stone to give the piece its own unique charm. Each pendant is attached to a sturdy black leather cord by a copper loop. The cord is adjustable up to 32 inches long. 

Each item is about 2" x 2" in size. 



Custom Hammered Copper Letters Pendants

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  • Care of Pearl Jewelry


    Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To preserve your pearls' radiance, avoid letting them come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume. Always put on your jewelry as a final touch, after applying make-up and styling hair. The pearl's luster can also be harmed by perspiration. To prevent this, before returning your pearls to the jewelry box, wipe them gently with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh detergents on pearls. If necessary, a mild soap solution may be used. Be sure to let your pearls dry completely before returning them to storage.