Why We Do What We Do

Welcome to my store! My name is Jean Carlson. I began creating copper jewelry and gift items in late 2017. In early 2018 I decided to start a business selling the myriad artistic creations I had begun to acquire from my craft. 


About that time I began learning about the awful crime of sex trafficking. I learned that women in the sex trade industry rarely make it to the age of 40. I was just coming up on my 40th birthday, so that was quite an eye opener for me. It was heart-breaking to realize as well that women and children are trafficked beginning at an average age of 12. 


I knew I had to do something. And so, I started Burnished Hope Creations as a way to help those in need.Because of human trafficking, millions of people are bought, sold and suffer crimes worse than death. Burnished Hope Creations is committed to fighting this crime by donating 10% of every sale to organizations that actively combat human trafficking.


Every time you purchase our jewelry, you are helping to save a victim of human trafficking and giving them a chance at a fresh start. Freedom isn't free. Join us as we work with  A21 and others to make a difference in the world and restore Hope to the hurting.